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What We Do For You

Dynamic Management Services is your one-stop shop for calculating your Blue Box Fees and your Eco Fees! Proudly serving Canadian and American businesses since 2004.

  • Calculate, analyze, and summarize your Blue Box Stewardship packaging totals for your required reporting to all Provincial Blue Box programs using our approved Excel-based program.

  • Calculate and summarize your Eco Fee totals per quarter that must be reported to the various Provinces which you operate in.

  • Premium 24/7 consultation via e-mail, phone, in-person & online meetings

  • Keep you up to date on all EPR programs around the World and changes to the current Canadian programs

Canadian Legislation

Select your Province to learn more about your company's requirements

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  • Am I a Steward?
    There are caveats for each Province, however, you are generally considered a Blue Box Steward if you either have residency in any of the participating Provinces (are a brand owner or first importer that supplies products that have packaging waste), or meet the minimum requirements of revenue (usually $2 million or more) or tonnage of packaging waste.
  • Why do I need to do this?
    The spirit of EPR is to make companies aware of the waste their packaging contributes to the World in hopes to enact change in how companies package their products.
  • What is DMS's role in this?
    Dynamic Management Services is a service provider and data analyst. We provide you with the information you need to provide to the various governing bodies.
  • What method does DMS use when calculating my company's tonnage?
    We use the ABOM (average bill of materals) method.
  • Is DMS a PRO?
    No, we are not a PRO. Please contact us and we can assist you in guiding you in the right direction.

Simplified Stewardship

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