Who We Are

Dynamic Management Services (DMS) was founded in 2004 when Bill-C90 was updated in Canada.  For 17 years DMS has serviced a large variety of companies across the Provinces of Canada who are legally obligated to declare their recycled packaging contents.  

In our 17 year history, we have also served as top consultants in Canada when it comes to recycling needs.  Highlighted by our extensive list of large clients, such as ​The Home Depot and Sony Playstation, DMS is one of the top and most trusted recycling management services in Canada to ensure legal compliancy.

As we enter 2020 and beyond and the pinnacle of the unknown when it comes to global warming, service companies like DMS are greatly needed to help ensure that companies all across Canada are handling their recycling from packaging properly and declaring the correct amounts.

DMS strives to be the best everyday and with our software and experience we guarantee that you will have an effortless and seamless experience with us as you do your part in aiding the environment one step at a time as we move toward a greener future.

​A greener future begins with you; let Dynamic Management Services assist you as we strive for a greener planet.