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Am I a Steward?

General Requirements

For any questions or verification, please contact us or see the RRA Guidebook for more information.

*Please note that there are other specific criteria per Province 

You are a Steward if you are a(n):

  • Brand owner

  • First importer of goods

  • Restaurant

  • Retailer (including online retailers)

  • Government entity

  • College or University

  • Church

  • Distributor or Wholesaler that supplies packaging or paper products, i.e. newspapers to consumers

  • Utility company

  • Insurance company, bank, or financial institution that supplies printed bills, pamphlets, or issues paper bills to residential consumers

"Qualifying as a Steward means your organization has a legal obligation under the recycling regulations to participate in a Provincially approved plan designed to address end-of-life management of the packaging and/or the paper products your organization supplies" (RRA Guidebook, 2019)

Obligations as a Steward may include:

  • Filing reports with stewardship organization(s).  This report includes reporting the types and quantities of packaging and/or paper product supplied to residential consumers.

  • Paying fees based on the quantities of packaging and/or paper product reported to the stewardship organization(s) in which you participate.

  • Retaining records related to your steward reports for review and verification.

Why do I need to do this?

  • Provincial recycling regulations are designed to ensure businesses accept this responsibility. It typically means that financial responsibility for “end-of-life” management of these materials is transferred from taxpayers (who pay for residential waste management services) to the brand owners and first importers that directly or indirectly supply the designated materials to residential consumers." (RRA Guidebook, 2019)

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